What professional colleagues say…

“James is a classic documentary Director. He has a deep knowledge of story structure and the language of film.
I found James likeable, industrious and easy to work with.”

PATRICK UDEN – Executive Producer on “Detroit: Comeback City” (and the UK’s “The Apprentice”)

“James’s approach to directing his 2 films in the series (‘Rock And Roll’) was both rigorous & imaginative in execution.
He created films brimming with ideas & fresh narrative approaches.”

SAM BRIDGER – Executive Producer Of Music Documentaries, Pulse Films

“James is a hugely knowledgeable, hard-working, talented Director. A great programme maker”

JEZ NELSON – CEO of Somethin’ Else Productions / Executive Producer (on 2 films I made)

“James is a highly creative director with a clear vision. He demonstrated impressive storytelling skills.
The film was really well received by viewers all over the world & shortlisted for the prestigious Irish Film & Television Award.”

PATRICIA MOORE – Producer, Tyrone Productions (“Danny Boy: The Ballad That Bewitched The World”)

“James’s films allow us to reflect on the past in a positive way, without hiding from some very real problems.
This is why his films are so important. They allow us to appreciate the connections with each other.”

DR. VINCENT WILSON – Curator, 2019’s Black History Month, Nottingham University

“James, fantastic doc as expected. Glad you made me a part of it.”

CHUCK D – Public Enemy / Political Activist

What the press says…See specific film pages for more previews & details

  THE SUNDAY TIMES: “James Maycock’s gem of a profile is an unalloyed pleasure”

  TIME OUT: “Maycock’s splendid documentary is a model of its kind… made with real visual imagination”

  RADIO TIMES: “The story of this languid, melancholy song is superbly told”

  THE GUARDIAN: “A superb documentary and a terrific only-in-America story of assimilation & enterprise”

  THE HISTORY CHANNEL: “We love the past when it connects with the present” (about “Detroit: Comeback City”)

 THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: “This story encapsulates racism, tragedy & Jimmy Carter – all entertainingly told”

  THE OBSERVER: “James Maycock’s film is an intelligently crafted portrait”

 THE INDEPENDENT: “James Maycock’s very welcome profile of an artist who often seemed to be starring in his own film noir”

  THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: “A terrific portrait of one of the most original of musicians”

  THE IRISH INDEPENDENT: “Very entertaining, engaging TV. Told with wit & genuine passion.”

  TIME OUT: “This textbook BBC4 doc is a wonderfully uplifting parable of underdog unity”

 THE SCOTTISH HERALD: “BBC4’s Friday night slot has produced many great music documentaries, but few have been as genuinely feel-good, or sounded so good, as this”